Travel can awaken the soul and mind, and create a desire for more. I have a passion for exploring new cities, cultures, landscapes, and wildlife habitats.

I love the feeling of finally arriving at a new destination. After researching for perhaps months, reading travel books, and looking for the best places to photograph. The moment I walk out of that foreign airport, I am giddy with excitement! Everything after that point is a new magical experience. Places I have never viewed with my own eyes, air I have never breathed, moments I have never photographed, and people I have yet to meet. Those are the moment that I live for, the ones that make me modest, and make me realize what a tiny place I occupy in the world. I truly believe everyone should travel at least once in their lifetime, it will absolutely captivate you and mold you into a citizen of the world.

Being an outdoor narrative photographer, every new destination holds a story of their own, a new mystery to uncover and photograph. I want my work to showcase the outdoors, and all the beauty that it holds. However, as we continue into the future the environment is facing more and more challenges. I want to bring awareness to these challenges through photographs, helping people to understand these crucial changes to our world. We are all citizens of this Earth and we must do all we can to preserve its beauty and integrity for future generations. I hope to inspire and captivate you to love our magical blue planet.



I grew up with one of those little blue Fisher Price film cameras. I loved photographing the world around me; from family members, multiple pets, and of course the outdoors. I'm quite sure I depleted some of my parent's savings account from getting roll after roll of film developed.

After high school I jumped around from college to college. Nothing ever seemed to be a perfect fit. I tried Interior Design, I absolutely loved the design aspect however, I could not see myself being behind a desk for that many hours a day. Next, I tried Fish and Wildlife Technology, because I really wanted to help save the environment and do more for the wildlife around us. That flopped too, when I realized the job prospects were slim, either working for the Ministry of Natural Resources or volunteering at a Non-Profit. After taking a real look at my passions and what I loved doing on my time off, I decided to finally take Photography.

After taking photography in college, the realization sunk in that the only careers in photography were self made by creating your own business. So it took a back burner for a few years, as I worked as a server to make money for every new lens or camera body that I had my heart set on. Photography was always there coming out as a hobby on days off, photographing friends and their families, and of course when travelling to a new destination.

A few years ago, when taking a photography inspired travel workshop to Nova Scotia, with North of 49 Photography the love and  passion for photography came back full swing. I am now attempting to make a business out of my passions of photography and travel. I am not sure exactly how it will turn out, or what the future has in store for me. But, I know in my heart of hearts that if I never tried to make this work I would always be trapped in the 'what if' loop. And to be honest that is no way to live.

Forest Self Portrait - Across the Blue Planet
Yukon Self Portrait - Across the Blue Planet