The 10 Best Places/Things to Photograph in Yukon

1. Aurora Borealis - Fall and winter visitors to the Yukon are often rewarded to the mystical sight of the northern lights (aurora borealis), that illuminate the skies from August - April. You can view pulsing streamers of green, yellow, magenta, blue as they arch and sway overhead.

2. Wildlife - Yukon’s vast wild regions, varied ecosystems, and relatively sparse human population make this location a haven for glorious wildlife encounters. The plethora of wildlife in Yukon is second to none, you can even spot many animals along the roadways. Animals that can be seen along the network of highways include; moose, black bear, mule deer, grizzly bear, coyotes, lynx, caribou, elk and many species of birds. 

3. Kluane National Park - Resides in the southwest of the Yukon, in Canada. It’s a vast wilderness of ice fields, forests and towering peaks like Mount Logan. Trails include the King’s Throne, which winds above Kathleen Lake to a dramatic cirque. The glacier-fed Alsek River snakes through areas inhabited by grizzly bears. The park also shelters Dall sheep and more than one hundred bird species.

4. Dempster Highway - One of the worlds unique drives, the Dempster is famous for its colourful alpine tundra landscapes, wildlife, scenic vistas and memorable driving adventures. This gravel highway runs through remote wilderness with very limited services. Drivers are encouraged to take special precautions before starting up the Dempster, spare tires are a must!

5. Dawson City - A National Historical Site, Dawson City still invokes the heartbeat of the greatest gold rush in history. As you wander down the streets of town, you will perhaps notice that the roads are nothing but gravel here, and that rustic plank wood sidewalks still line the bustling streets, almost as if you have taken a step backwards through time into the gold rush era. Many hotels and old saloons have been restored over the years, however they have been well preserved to keep their historical look. This small little town nestled in the mountains offers a wide range of photographic opportunities for your camera.

6. Tombstone Territorial Park- The Tombstone Territorial Park is one of the best popular spots along the Dempster Highway. Described as “the Patagonia of the North” for its jagged pinnacles of black granite, the park consists of wilderness on a grand scale and is home to a healthy and intact ecosystem that includes grizzly bears, wolves, wolverines and caribou.

7. Haines Junction - A picture-postcard village at the edge of Kluane National Park, surrounded by a beautiful and rugged landscape. Haines Junction is truly a wilderness town that offers exceptional outdoor experiences. There are beautiful mountain vistas as you drive along the highway, you may even spot Mount Logan, Canada’s tallest peak. To experience its grandeur, you can even book a scenic flight-seeing tour. It may even be the highlight of your trip!

8. Watson Lake - The Watson Lake Sign Post Forest, is a true Yukon icon. Watson Lake became known as Yukon’s gateway during the construction of the Alaska Highway in 1942. When a soldier posted the first sign of what would become thousands. Today, the sign post forest displays the most recognized collection of sign posts in the world. Nearly 90,000 travellers have left their mark, since the opening of the Alaska Highway. Visitors are allowed to bring their own sign, or are welcome to buy a board and make their own at the Vistors Centre. 

9. Fall Colours - Every year at the end of August or early September, the fall colours are blooming all over the Northern Yukon tundra throwing off their hues of green and revealing their yellows, oranges and deep crimson reds. In Southern Yukon, the birch and aspen stands begin blazing brilliant yellow and orange hues around Mid-September. The snow capped mountains contrast beautiful against these fall colours, making for show stopping photographs.

10. Winter Wonderland - Breathe in the crisp, cool air. Feel the snow crunch beneath your feet. All around you the mountains and trees sparkle under a bright blue sky. This is winter in the Yukon, and the possibilities are endless. Yukon is your one-stop winter wonderland, perfect for everything from warming up in a cozy cabin to playing outside in the snow. Imagine snowshoeing in the mountains, exploring beautiful vistas of snow on snowmobiles, exhilarating dogsled adventures, intriguing winter festivals and restorative hot springs.


  • A telephoto lens: these are great for capturing any wildlife that you come across. My personal favourite at the moment is the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM

  • A wide angle lens: these are amazing for capturing the Aurora Borealis. Make sure that your lens stops down to at least aperture to 2.8, to allow more light in.

  • A mid zoom lens: a lens that will allow you to capture the in between shots. A zoom lens such as the Canon EF 24-105mm or the Canon EF 70-200mm are absolutely amazing for those travel photography shots.

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