Black & White Photography

Recently I have been falling in love with black and white photography. I find it can give my photographs such a pure and timeless mood. Colour can be very powerful, and it tends to dominate photographs. When the photograph is altered to black and white, the viewers eye is drawn to other elements such as: tonal contrast, texture, shape, form, and quality of light.

In the photography world, black and white is considered an art form. It is a medium with a rich history, view the works of Ansel AdamsEdward Weston or Michael Kenna.

Below are a view examples of some of my black and white photographs this year. 

A Foggy Morning - Yukon, Canada

The Glory of the Tombstone - Yukon, Canada

The Chieftain, at Norstead Viking Village - Newfoundland, Canada

Atlantic Ocean Long Exposure - Newfoundland, Canada

Othello Tunnel - British Columbia, Canada

The Tones of Lower Reid Falls - Alaska, Unites States

Forest Views of Algonquin Park - Ontario, Canada

The Mists of Fraser - British Columbia, Canada

Headshot of a Muskox - Yukon, Canada

The Misty Mountains - Yukon, Canada

Texture of the Blackstone Mountains - Yukon, Canada