30 Photos to Make You Visit Yukon

It is truly hard to describe, just how special the Yukon really is. When people are planning their vacations and road trips in Canada. Usually, what first comes to mind is adventuring around the iconic Rocky Mountains, walking the cobble stone roads of old town Quebec City, or eating seafood on a journey through Nova Scotia.

What most people do not think of is being completely out in the wilderness. Where mountain vistas tower, fall colours shine in brilliant yellows, wildlife sightings are abundant, fresh air reigns supreme, and magical lights dance across the late night sky.

There are not many places that have that vast wilderness left. Where you can look in every direction and not see another human. Well, perhaps Iceland, but then you have to share it with the two million tourists who visit each year. How many tourists visit the Yukon? Fewer than 500,000 a year, the majority of those being Canadian and American.

In my personal opinion, Yukon is one of the most beautiful places I have ever travelled to. If you are looking at completely immersing yourself in the great outdoors that Canada’s is famous for, then the Yukon is the place for you!

Here are 30 photos that will make you want to book your plane ticket to Yukon.

Thin horn sheep - Across the Blue Planet


30 Photos of Yukon- Across the Blue Planet.png