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Returning to Yukon...

Do you ever travel to a place year after year? Do you get excited to return and see what has changed? Do you wonder if you will still have the same initial reaction? After returning a year later to Yukon, all these thoughts were running through my head. But of course, as soon as I stepped outside of the airport, I felt like I was returning home. The mountain backdrop and the fresh air still captivated my senses, and filled me with a calming sensation. 

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Captain Wayne’s Marine Excursions 

Captain Wayne Marine Excursions was our first choice, when deciding which boat tour to join. He designed and built his own boat, just for the purpose of viewing wildlife within Witless Bay. Catering to photographers and wildlife aficionados, he only takes out smaller groups of people.

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The Magic of Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

One my hearts desires while on the island of Newfoundland was to see puffins and whales, as I have never witness one in the wild before. Our first stop for this bucket list item was Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

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