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The 10 Best Places to Photograph in Newfoundland

Travelling to Newfoundland and wondering what exactly there is to photograph in this beautiful province? I have created my personal top ten places to photograph, however there is truly so much to see and do in this magnificent place you will keep wanting to go back!

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Winter Camping 101

For some people winter camping means renting out a cabin, while sitting by a beautiful blazing wood burning fireplace. For others, it means loading up camping gear necessities and heading out into the cold winter wonderland. Many people think winter camping is something impossible or extreme. But in reality, as long as you have the right gear and plan ahead, it can be an exhilarating outdoor adventure. 

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Camping Checklist

Wondering what you need for a camping trip? Use this camping/hiking checklist when planning an overnight or multi-day adventure. Any trip will have its own particular challenges, so read up on the conditions before you go and adjust your packing list accordingly. 

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