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This year was a big one for myself. One of those big birthdays where your new age has a zero on the end. So of course Chris pulled out his ‘A’ game and booked an exhilarating experience. For any of you that know me personally, I grew up in the beach town of Grand Bend and that is where my love of water truly started. Hence, it is quite easy to say that Grand Bend will always be near and dear to my heart. Recently a new tourist experience sprung up in Grand Bend, helicopter rides over the shore. And this was the experience he booked.

Our flight was booked ahead of time to guarantee a spot, since it is beginning to become the busy season in this tourist town. As the time approached the excitement grew. Having never been in a helicopter myself, I had no idea what to expect. Would it be bumpy? Would it sway? How would it compare to a small plane? The day we chose, turned out to be a beautiful steamy sunny day. We dropped our little girl, Freyja off at Grandmama’s and headed to the helicopter pad. Located just north of Grand Bend on the corner of Highway 21 and Highway 83. When we arrived there was a family just departing for their ride, the kids were so excited jumping up and down. When they came back after their ten minute ride, their faces were plastered with wide grins from ear to ear and enthusiastically telling the rest of their family about their adventure in the air.

Our pilot, Captain Jeremy Rood, jumped out of the helicopter to greet us. When he heard that we wanted to take photos from the air, he graciously offered to take the doors off. That way we would have less obstacles to shoot through. He even mentioned that he had taken a group of photographers out to shoot the Toronto skyline at sunset and sunrise before. What an amazing photography experience that would have been. To shoot Toronto skyline from the air in the golden light. But, anyways it is always wonderful to find companies that can cater to photographers or at least work with us to get epic shots.

Jeremy went over all the the safety rules for the helicopter and covered any questions that we had. It was then time. We got into the helicopter, doors off, buckled up and put on those neat aviation headsets, so we could stay in communication with each other. Jeremy started the engine and I barely even felt it as we begin to hover above the ground. Then we were off soaring through the air, the rippling breeze cooling us off on the hot day. I'm quite sure my smile was huge already. We first slowed down, to take photos around the sparkling blue waters of Grand Bend Main Beach. It was such a different perspective from the air to see the white sand beach, the iconic green and white lighthouse, the blue and white condo building, the main strip, and the marina. We flew southward, over cottages that dotted the shore and boats cruising on the turquoise waters below us. The Pinery Provincial Park appeared quickly, with its lush twenty one square kilometers of rare Oak Savanna forests and rolling coastal dunes. We flew past the cottages scattered around the sandy Chicken Island and over the boats lounging in Port Franks Marina. To be forewarned, we did extend our flight to include Port Franks because we wanted to view our house and neighbours from the air. We followed the river up to our house, and it really began to sink in how much of a forested area we really live in. To view the landscape from the air was such a different perspective, I always knew that there was a forest around our house but I never realized how vast and sprawling it truly really was. We circled back around for our return journey. I think my favourite part was when the helicopter turned, I would have been happy just doing long circles in the air. On the return journey, we got to view how it appears that Highway 21 cuts straight through a dense forest and the sprawling colourful fields of Huron County. We passed over the Grand Bend Motorplex, beautiful Dark Horse Estates Winery, famous Huron Country Playhouse, and landed gracefully back on the helicopter pad.

I would definitely recommend Jeremy and these amazing Grand Bend Scenic Flights. The helicopter ride was so smooth, but yet exhilarating at the same time. Feeling the crisp lake breezes and getting to see a new aerial perspective of my hometown was definitely a once and a lifetime experience, that I would love to do again. Thank you so much to Chris for arranging this birthday adventure.



Quick Information:

  • Any child under the age of 16, must have an adult accompany them.

  • Private sightseeing flights available all year

  • Gift certificates available


  • Grand Bend (10 minutes - $75.00 + tax, per person): a scenic flight along the Lake Huron shore viewing the beautiful Blue Flag Grand Bend Main Beach all the way to view the Oak Savanah and Sandy Dunes of Pinery Provincial Park. On the loop around fly over such local landmarks, such as the Grand Bend Motorplex, Dark Horse Estates Winery, and the Huron Country Playhouse.

  • Bayfield (30 minutes - $200.00 + tax, per person): a scenic flight from Blue Flag Grand Bend Main Beach north along the Lake Huron shoreline. View the sparkling blue waters and cottages that dot the landscape. Fly over Bayfield and the bustling harbour taking in all the sailing boats. On the loop around, enjoy country views of beautiful Huron Country farmland.

  • Eddington’s of Exeter ($229.00 + tax, per person): a scenic flight across the Huron County landscape to the beautiful town of Exeter. Enjoy a three course gourmet meal at Eddington’s of Exeter, famous for their farm to table dining experience. Fly back to Grand Bend, through the fiery and glowing famous Lake Huron Sunsets. (Approximately 2 Hours)

  • Cowbell Brewing Co. ($299.00 + tax, per person): travel from Grand Bend to Cowbell Brewery, must be booked 24 hours in advanced. A scenic flight along the shores of Lake Huron to the Cowbell Brewery. The brewery has many experience awaiting their guest including; VIP Guided Tours, Farm to Table Meals, and Award Winning Beers. The return flight will feature the rolling fields and farms of the Huron Country landscape. (Approximately 2 hours)

  • VIP Charters: (Starting at $625.00 + tax, per person): Arrive in comfort for your next vacation with airport pick up services. To and from Toronto, Hamilton, and London.

Downtown Grand Bend, Ontario

Chicken Island Port Franks, Ontario

Port Franks, Ontario

Our house is down there somewhere in the forest.

Dark Horse Estates Winery and Huron Country Playhouse


Grand Bend Helicopter Tours