Common Loon - Across the Blue Planet
Common Loon & Chick - Across the Blue Planet

Killarney Provincial Park is on Georgian Bay, in the Canadian province of Ontario. It encompasses a vast wilderness area of wetlands, forests and mountains. This iconic 645 square kilometre wilderness landscape showcases the wild Georgian Bay Coast of pink granite, the La Cloche Mountains’ white quartzite ridges, and over fifty exceptionally clear sapphire lakes set among Jack Pine hills. The area has long captivated artists including The Group of Seven’s A.Y. Jackson, Franklin Carmichael and A.J. Casson, so much so, that they persuaded the Ontario government to make it a park. There is extensive hiking trails, backcountry canoeing and sea kayaking experiences. Read all about The Chikanishing Trail or The Crack Trail within Killarney Provincial Park.

Algonquin Park is the most famous Provincial Park in Ontario, it's often called Ontario's "Crown Jewel". It is filled with forests, rivers, and numerous lakes. There is also, a plethora of wildlife living within the park, such as moose, black bear, wolves, coyotes, red fox, pine martens, and over 250 bird species. This large park has often been associate with the Group of Seven Artists, and to this day is still a nature lovers dream come true.